Thank you for visiting the Gladiators Booster Club website!  We sincerely hope that you finding our page means you are either interested in joining our club or are interested in Gladiators hockey!  Either way, we’re glad you stopped by!


Our Mission Statement


The Gladiators Booster Club’s mission is to support the entire Gladiators hockey organization and to promote hockey in the South.


What We Do


We support the Gladiators hockey organization primarily by ensuring the players have what they need on and off the ice during the season.  We work side-by-side with the Gladiators front office to provide supplies for the team through a variety of club activities

Club activities include:

  • Supplies and linens for team apartments
  • Bottled water or Gatorade for away games as well as snacks, such as
    • Trail mix
    • Protein/Clif bars
    • Peanut butter
    • Bread
  • Training camp and holiday potluck dinners
  • End of season momento scrapbooks
  • Various fundraising events


The Gladiators Booster Club is a group of individuals bound by a single passion – our love for the game of hockey!  We are not a fan club.  We are a dedicated group of volunteers who, through our work, provide a welcome environment for the Gladiators hockey team.  This means the majority of our work is “behind the scenes” with very little player interaction.  As a club, we hold various fundraising events as well as accept donations in order to help us provide additional amenities for the organization.  If you like hard work while having fun, we encourage you to join us!


Visiting Team Fans or Booster Clubs


The Gladiators Booster Club encourages visiting team fans and/or booster club members to stop by the Gladiators Booster Club table located in the arena lobby. We would enjoy meeting you and helping to make your visit an enjoyable one.  Feel free to contact our Member-at-Large if you have any questions or require additional assistance.